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Client Reviews

5 Stars

Knowledgeable, respectful and great!

- Renee Moore

"Simply Outstanding!"
5 Stars

Jon, once again – Great job! I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your overall knowledge of the law and your impressive trial skills. Simply outstanding! It may have been just another day at the office for you, but you’ve made a huge positive impact on my life and more importantly on my son’s life. Thanks again. (After successful final trial, 9/2016)

"I Absolutely Recommend Jon"
5 Stars

My experience as Jon’s client was stellar and I can’t imagine having gone through everything the last few years without him going to bat for me. My case was a high conflict child custody modification. Jon is incredibly knowledgeable and he expertly applied this knowledge to my case. He has a very confident, commanding presence in the courtroom and his loyalty to the success of me and my case was clear in his actions. Our outcome was better than I expected and I am happy with the results. He and his staff are diligent, skilled and worth every cent. If you need assertive, sharp, highly skilled representation, then I absolutely recommend Jon.

"You Earned My Respect and Trust"
5 Stars

A most genuine ‘Thank You’ from me and my family. (I am) very fortunate that I found you in 2006 to represent me in battling The Devil in Divorce-Custody #1. It’s no secret that I hold you in high regard and probably place unfair expectations on your back to carry into battle with me. Just know that there is no one I trust more than you when it comes to guiding/representing/fighting for me and my family. You earned my respect and trust nine years ago now. I already know the quality of man I walk into the courtroom with. And that provides me a level of confidence which cannot be replaced. I’m loyal to a fault, my friend. The quality of your work and your office staff’s support and responsiveness have all been top notch in dealing with me and my family’s legal issues. Your paralegal, Chelsea, has had to deal with me during some extremely difficult circumstances. She has exceeded all of my expectations at every turn. It takes a special person to be able to provide that high level of care and support to a client in extreme duress. Thank you both for everything you have done for me.

"Mr. Boyd is the Attorney Who Will Fight for You"
5 Stars

When I first went to court for a custody hearing, I was with an attorney who treated me like paperwork. 6 years later, it was time for me to fight for the best interest of my son once again. A good friend recommended Mr. Boyd to me. I was at first apprehensive. After all, I am a mother fighting, not the father. I couldn’t have picked a better attorney. Mr. Boyd never forgot my initial goals. He never tried to compromise my case. I was out-of-state, but I never once felt disconnected from him or his office. He has an amazing staff that remains professional, diligent, and extremely thorough. The biological father was not paying any child support, not exercising visitation, was only in my son’s life just at the right moments to play the system and stay out of trouble. Mr. Boyd went above and beyond, giving me results I couldn’t have even imagined. There were times when I lost my focus and he put me right back on track, reminding me why I was in this fight to begin with. He has united my family and my husband was able to adopt my son in the end. Mr. Boyd is confident, aggressive, professional, honest, and will get you results. Mr. Boyd is the attorney who will fight for you. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.I wanted to take the time to really express my gratitude.

"I Will Gladly Recommend You to Family or Friends"
5 Stars

Hi Jon, I wanted to thank you for handling my case with such detail and professionalism. I was thoroughly impressed with your knowledge in family and how well versed you are with all the details pertaining to family law. With no hesitation you not only advised opposing counsel of the law but also the judge. Additionally, the way you defended my case during the court session was impactful, you were well prepared, and very familiar with all aspects of my case. I want to thank you for being honest up front and never misleading in anyway. Finally, I also need to mention that all the legal documents filed and entered in with the court are very detailed and to the point without question. In closing, I wanted to say that your legal services and skills are worth the money I paid; I have never been able to say that. I can’t say that any attorney I hired in the past has earned their money, but you have. With much confidence, I will gladly recommend you to family or friends who find themselves in need of legal services.

"He Genuinely Cared About What I Had to Say"
5 Stars

Jon R. Boyd was the last of four family law attorneys whom I interviewed for divorce and custody representation during my separation. Upon meeting Jon, you are made to feel as though you are not alone in your situation. (Facing a certain nasty divorce with 2 young children, I could not make a mistake on whom I selected to represent me and help my children.) Two hours before my first meeting with Jon, I was served Divorce papers at my work. You can imagine the state of mind that I was in when I arrived at his office. What stood out the most to me on my initial consultation is how much time Jon took to just listen to my issues and concerns. He genuinely cared about what I had to say and didn’t attempt to over talk me or inject his opinion. At this point in my search, I had already met with three other highly regarded and recommended Divorce/Custody Attorneys.