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Now with the renowned civil firm, Cotten Schmidt, LLP in downtown Fort Worth, Jon R. Boyd has the assistance of a team of highly trained support staff and other attorneys. If you are looking for the right Family Law or Divorce Attorney, there are many reasons to choose Jon R. Boyd and Cotten Schmidt.


Jon R. Boyd has 40 years of Divorce and Family Law history in DFW, including extensive judge trial and jury trial experience involving high conflict, contested cases. He has personally handled well over a thousand family law matters, most of which involved a wide variety of contested issues, resolved either in trial or mediation. In addition to his knowledge of the law, he also has acquired over time knowledge of the courts and judges in DFW, which is immensely helpful in advising and predicting outcomes for clients.


Jon R. Boyd achieves excellent results for his clients, both in trial and in settlement, and has garnered rave reviews of his trial skill and client care. See some of the examples on this site.


Jon R. Boyd has practiced Divorce and Family Law continuously for forty years. He loves the practice of Family Law and has dedicated his professional career to helping families through difficult times and achieving client's goals. He is also a fanatic for providing excellent client service and he and his staff inform his clients of updates in their matters immediately if not in real time.

Focused on You

Jon R. Boyd believes the focus should be on the client and the client's goals and needs, not the attorney. He will expertly inform and advise, recommend goals and strategies, then diligently strive to achieve the desired results, whether the goal is an amicable settlement or a contested trial.


Jon R. Boyd will represent you the way you want and offers flexible ways to accomplish a client's goals, including competitive, flexible payment arrangements or flat fees and flexible litigation or mediation strategies, and will accept cases whenever and wherever clients may need.

Advocate for Father's Rights

While Jon R. Boyd represents both genders, he has worked with Fathers for Equal Rights for over 20 years and strives to help fathers and men get treated equally in child custody, property division and other family law issues.


Jon R. Boyd is known and respected by and familiar with Judges, lawyers and other professionals who will be involved in the case.


Has developed a network of resources of related professionals for use as consultants or testifying experts to aid in presentation of clients’ cases or rebuttal of other witnesses.

Cases We Handle: 


Divorce rates have hovered near the 50 percent mark for many years. With so many societal influences, not to mention the financial dynamics, it can be challenging for any couple to hold together a healthy marriage, much less one that’s become unhealthy. When there are... Read More

Child Support

Typically, Texas courts will decide child support based on legal guidelines; however, there are those times when circumstances require a different formula. In fact, many cases require looking past the guidelines. Fortunately, courts do have discretion in these... Read More

Child Custody

No one ever marries with the idea of going through a painful divorce at any point. When there are children involved, it becomes even more complicated and emotionally overwhelming. The last thing any of us want to face is a drawn out and often expensive custody battle.... Read More


What is “Probate” and why should I care? To “probate” a Will or an estate refers to the legal judicial procedure by which a deceased person’s Last Will and Testament is filed with the appropriate Court so that the Judge can formally determine that the Will is valid... Read More

Post-Divorce Modifications

Divorces are final, but sometimes, it becomes necessary to modify the original terms of a divorce with the assistance of a Plano family law lawyer. Whether it’s child custody issues or financial changes, modifications are often a part of a divorce that’s long since been settled. Nothing in life is permanent, and... Read More

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Client Reviews
Knowledgeable, respectful and great! Renee Moore
Jon, once again – Great job! I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your overall knowledge of the law and your impressive trial skills. Simply outstanding! It may have been just another day at the office for you, but you’ve made a huge positive impact on my life and more importantly on my son’s life. Thanks again. Anonymous
My experience as Jon’s client was stellar and I can’t imagine having gone through everything the last few years without him going to bat for me. My case was a high conflict child custody modification. Jon is incredibly knowledgeable and he expertly applied this knowledge to my case. He has a very confident, commanding presence in the courtroom and his loyalty to the success of me and my case was clear in his actions. Our outcome was better than I expected and I am happy with the results. He and his staff are diligent, skilled and worth every cent. If you need assertive, sharp, highly skilled representation, then I absolutely recommend Jon. Anonymous
A most genuine ‘Thank You’ from me and my family. (I am) very fortunate that I found you in 2006 to represent me in battling The Devil in Divorce-Custody #1. It’s no secret that I hold you in high regard and probably place unfair expectations on your back to carry into battle with me. Just know that there is no one I trust more than you when it comes to guiding/representing/fighting for me and my family. You earned my respect and trust nine years ago now. I already know the quality of man I walk into the courtroom with. And that provides me a level of confidence which cannot be replaced. I’m loyal to a fault, my friend. The quality of your work and your office staff’s support and responsiveness have all been top notch in dealing with me and my family’s legal issues... Anonymous
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